Monday, February 25, 2013

Papery love

I think the glue is still wet on this one but I couldn't wait to share. Really it's just a load of fun with paper...

The base of the piece is made from the boxes from the  Layer Cake Paper Mache Box Set. (I swiped the lids for other projects) and you can grab some of those trims, papers and flowers from Alpha Stamps too. The tree at the top is made from twisted brown paper bags.
And here's a nice close-up detail shot of the tiered portion.

I'm really pleased with how this came out. There's a zillion little parts to it, but it looks like a fairy wedding gift.

Happy Monday!


  1. socks blown off , breath taken and gobsmacked oh this is fabulous

    really! stunning

    hugs wendy

  2. Your imagination has taken flight once again! This is fabulous!

  3. this is kewl....I love the flutterbys and the tree is marvelous with a side order of great. Oma Linda

  4. I am blown away, again, by your art! This is amazing!

  5. This piece is pure delight...three tiered with a tree on top :) Each layer is so detailed and whimsical. It should be a moving picture so we can just keep looking at all of the views. The paper bag tree is so wants to be touched, I think. The butterflies are fun...they are so colourful and hopeful. This makes me happy just looking at it!

  6. This is just the best! =D

    I super love it, especially the butterfly tree. ^-^

    The whole shebang is fabulous, but that tree takes the cake for me. <3


  7. Hi Nichola!
    I found you through G45 news latter! AMAZING creations! Very special and unique! Thank you for the inspiration!
    I have a question - is there any tutorial on how to make that stunning tree? I am working on fairy project for my friend and wanted to put her in the bird house - how cool it would be to put the tree on top of the BH? If it is not too much of asking.. Thank you so much! Natasha