Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow day!

We're in the middle of a snow storm. I don't mind.

I rather like snow. It makes everything look beautiful and clean. 

There are different types of snow.

There's the sort that is quite damp and dense. It makes a lovely crunchy sound when you walk on it and it's particularly good for snowballs and snowmen. It's also very heavy to shovel.

Today's snow is light and fluffy. It does not make snowballs but it is much easier to clear and fun to walk through.

Some snow falls as tiny white balls, sometimes it's flakes, other times the flakes stick together and large chunky bits fall from the sky. When it falls in flakes it's fun to catch them on your mitten and admire the pretty patterns. It hardly seems possible that each one is unique. When they land on your skin the heat from your body melts them away quick as can be, which is sad and somehow magic all at the same time.

When it started falling last night, it looked like glitter being sprinkled from the sky. Sometimes, when the light is just right, it really does look as though a band of brownies has distributed tiny diamonds across everything.

When my auntie visited from Ireland she showed us photos of a snow storm they had. There were 3 inches of snow and she was stuck in her house for days. It made us giggle :)

Does it snow where you live?


  1. Snows like crazy up here in Alaska (of course) and you make an excellent point: there's a reason why Native Alaskans have a baker's dozen words for what the English language just calls "snow."


  2. Thank you for sharing your snow pictures with us. I live in Virginia and we get a little snow. When we get 3 inches, the schools are closed and many businesses have delayed openings.....hee hee
    We are pitiful! ;)

  3. Hi Nichola, You have described the snow so perfectly. We also are in the storm here in NH and I as well love snow. At nighttime when you watch the snow fall and the street lights catch it the right way it is like diamonds falling from the sky. Just beautiful. I hope you are safe and warm.

    Take care,

  4. 3" of snow and they were stuck in the house for days? I'm still laughing! That was some storm on Friday and while it's milder now we've still got mounds of it to melt.