Friday, February 01, 2013

The Borrowers Box

What does a fairy lovin' mess maker create for's challenge no. 83, a shoebox makeover?


Yeah, not so exciting... BUT WAIT! Some things are not as simple as they appear... THIS box is a Borrower's Box!

The box as it was made completely with stash, junk, and found or free objects. 
(P.S. THANK YOU to all of my fabulous crafty patrons who send me stuff xoxo)

 A bed made from an old sardine tin with a mossy pillow. The nightstand is a checker piece with bead feet.

The ladder is made from two old paintbrushes and matchsticks. 
Notice the 'nerf' dart to the left? Yeah, there's about a zillion of them hiding all over my house.

 A spool chair and a table made from a button and matchsticks.
(No wonder my bird feeder is empty. It's borrowers!)

The bottom floor is filled with necessary borrowing supplies like twine, pins, thumbtacks, birthday candles and, of course, super glue.

Here's an 'in progress' shot of that same area where you can see how it was built. The upper floors are made from an old game board that has been sliced up. The floor rests on clothespegs that have been taken apart. The springy part of the pegs were then bent and are now hooks for hanging things. And, you can also see the bottom floor has a cozy rug made from a burlap rice bag.

The only inkling that there's anything 'different' about this box is this tiny window on the back.

Other than that, all closed up, it's just a regular old shoe box.


Now, what to do with that box?

Should I put it up for auction to raise fund for the Pixie Project?
(although shipping the thing scares the bejezus out of me)


Abandon it for my local library, with a note that it should be kept in their childrens section?
(Our library is TINY... itty bitty even! I don't think it would incur too much damage.)

Any other ideas? Comment below.

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  1. love it! And that was one of my favorite books. You are so creative!


  2. Either way it will be loved. Maybe display it at the library for a while before using it as a fund raiser? Kids will be so entranced!

  3. Oh... I had forgotten about that series of books! I read them to my children... then shared them with students over the years!
    Love the box you created!!! I would think that the library would want to put it in a display with the book..maybe? I hope so! It's darling!!!

  4. This is awesome! I know this librarian would love for the borrowers to live at my library.

  5. I loved the story & movie "The Borrower" and you made it come alive with your wee house.
    So Creative!!!

  6. Hi Nichola,

    This is so adorable. I love it!! Your imagination is endless.

    Definitely the Library!! But of course you could always send it to me. heheheh. Just Kidding!!!

    It would be perfect displayed along side the Book.

    Have a great weekend and I hope your fundraiser is going well.

    Take care,

  7. Squee! I discovered you through hevens knows how, but I am in love with all you do. Genius :)

    I love both ideas and maybe you can do both? Wait, let's see how this plays out ;)

    Why not make smaller rooms to auction off? Shipping might be easier and you can do different themes?

    Or keep the auction local so that you can hand-deliver?

    What about a donations box next to the biggie at the library with some flyers about raising funds for the project?

    Just some ideas :)

  8. Marilize I think that's an excellent idea! I can abandon this and then auction off a 'custom' box room/house. Win/Win