Monday, February 04, 2013

Moonwort and Japanese Teacups

I am continually amazed by my two acre world and the new discoveries and small joys it provides. This morning, on our walk to the bus stop, I spied something in the snow. A branch from a Silver Dollar plant, also called Moonwort. AlchemyWorks says that it is good for keeping away monsters and gathering midnight, moon charged dew. How lovely!

We went thrifting a few weeks ago and found some tiny Japanese tea cups. The fairies immediately took up residence in them...

And for sizing reference, here's one of the tiny cups beside a normal dainty teacup.

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  1. The "siver dollar plant" as we call it here, spreads when the white "dollars" dry in the fall and the large brown flat seed spill out. They are so easy to grow...and a large bouquet of them all winter is a pleasure. If you grow "Japanese lanterns" (also known as Chinese lanterns) you will have whimsical winter flowers to make magic all winter. My relative who loved to speak of "the little people" told stories about them using the dollars for flags and the lanterns to see by at night.

    Love your tea cups...have many pieces of your work in my collection of magical things!