Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Embroidery Clock

If you follow this blog you may remember that a very short while ago I held a little auction to raise a few dollars for the Pixie Project. I was going to create a Borrower's Box for the auction winner. The winner was a very sweet lady who happens to live not TOO far away and she actually dropped off a fair few bits and bobs to include in the piece. I tried to include as many of those sweet little things and snippets as I possibly could.

After a fair bit of ho-ing and hum-ing I managed to complete the task and the winner picked up her wee 'house' today. So, I can now safely show off what I've been working on :)
This clock has been in my stash for quite a while. Sometimes when I'm stuck creatively I'll clean... when I came across this I knew it would be the perfect base for a little creatures home.
The inside is hollow and made a pefect (albeit small) space. Here you can see the roof top terrace where a someone has enjoyed a spot of tea.

Here's an overview of the inside. It's quite tight in there, but filled with nice little things.

A detail shot of a little table with a bowl of a rose petals and a clothes peg bench.

A fireplace with a gorgeous little cast iron cauldron and metal button she supplied.

Upstairs there's a match stick ladder leading to a sleeping loft.
You can see a stack of handmade miniature books and a birthday candle at the end of the bed.


Pretty things at the bottom of the ladder.

A matchbox bed with blankets made with vintage lacy bits. AND check out the size of that dolly. Believe it or not the limbs actually move! Plus, look at the mico-embroidery provided by the client.

Finally, here's a little spot for a little embroider. Filled with spools, needle and thread, lace and some very sweet vintage french stamps. And, if you look in the upper right corner, you can see that the flooring is held up by snails!

It was such a pleasure creating this little space and a great honor to use little heirlooms to make it even more special.


  1. I should imagine that the winner of the auction was thrilled beyond measure. This is just a wonderfully sweet borrowers bungalow. You do such a wonderful job of making magickal works of art.
    Oma Linda

  2. Nicole - how very cool is this! Looking at it brought me back to when I was a kid and we read the Borrower's in school! You make some awesome pieces- I'm a fan! hugs

  3. This is stunning! I love the detail, the work you put into it! I know your client is thrilled!

  4. This is just so charming and magical that I know a wee fairy will find it and set up residence. xox!

  5. Stunning! How happy the owner must be!!

  6. I loved the movie The Borrowers and this is EXACTLY what they would have lived in. I am constantly amazed at your imagination and talent!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. It made me want to move in that wee house.

  7. My daughter and I loved that movie and we plan on a small borrowers house for the garden this year...
    thanks for the inspiration

  8. OHHHH I can kick myself that I didn't win the bidding!!! This is so magical!!! I love it and I am sure the winner will love it as well.

    Beautiful as always!!

    Take care,

  9. Oh my word, I love it! Every little detail is a delight. The new owner must have been thrilled with this treasure. It's filled with charm and magic. I so enjoy your imagination:)

  10. Wonderful as always, your attention to detail and all those little bits! I'm not sure if I love the fact that you didn't do anything to the front or hate it (sorry LOL) it is such a surprise when you turn it around but the front just dosn't make me want to turn it around...I think that is one of the mysterious things behind art...the concept that not everything is always as it seems and you have to take a chance.

    Great piece!

  11. Such gorgeous work, a wee fairy should move in immediately! :)

  12. This is fantastic! What a lucky woman she is to receive this treasure.