Monday, April 29, 2013

A French Bundle

I wanted to create a special introduction project for Graphic 45. Inspired by their new French Country Collection, I've made a little memory bundle.

This particular collection stirs my imagination to think of clean bed linens, table cloths and curtains in a little French cottage. So, I thought to myself; "Imagine visiting a cottage in Provance and finding a bundle of memories tucked into an old dresser drawer!"

The bundle is tied together with a bit of matching blue ribbon, it is not bound. I wanted this piece to appear to gathered over time rather than formed.

When untied the you can explore the contents of old photographs, old French stamps, vintage postcards and even a love note.

Each of the 'pages' is actually an ATC. I thought that perhaps each card could represent a different memory or experience.

 A beautiful night time adventure...
An evening with friends...
Special people met along the way...

 When finished, the viewer can collect all the bits, bundle it back up, and tuck it away for someone else to discover.