Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy May Day!

First thing's first... HAPPY MAY DAY! I love May Day. To me it signals the true arrival of spring. The buds are bursting, the daffodils are blooming and everything seems so lovely and fresh. I'm absolutely jealous of people who live in areas where it's celebrated in a grand style. I think next year I might have to erect a May pole and invite a few people over to dance with me :) No matter that my celebration is a bit quiet... I'm still send you all great big wishes for wonderful golden opportunities and much happiness in your households :)

Second... that little ducky is Professor Dukinschnof. He's a new friend at Pixie Hill and soooo flipping cute. My husband is very worried about this fellow because he's become a bit of a pet rather than potential confit. Here's a bonus photo of the Prof. giving me the "Seriously? More photos?" side-eye.

Thirdly... last night I hobbled together a little retail display for my Cellar Fairy cards. I think I'm going to improve on the design then make a few more for my retailers as it looks rather tidy.

And finally...

Check out the sneak peek of the new paper collection from Graphic 45. It's a bit of a departure from their other collections but I couldn't be more excited about playing with them. I've got a number of ideas bumping around my noggin' already!


  1. In my younger days, my parents let me raise a duck for the summer. We had a farmer with a pond all lined up to take our pet at summer's end. We became his "flock", he followed us everywhere. My sister would hold him like a baby on his back while he would stroke her long blond hair with his bill.

  2. Happy May Day! We have fantastic celebrations in Oxford and it was beautiful weather for it, and I'm just sad that there was no way I could make it back for work without stress:-( So I missed it again. Nevermind, I hope to dream of morse dancers and sunshine anyway! Happy May Day!

  3. I love love that paper!~ I also wanted to let you know that you inspired me so much that I made some lovely wee little houses and shrooms, and bought some moss.. My daughter and I are going to paint them tomorrow!! She is 5 and pretty excited.. maybe as much as I am.. hehehe :)

  4. I think Mr. Twist is right - that duck got taken off the menu the moment he was given such a cute name.