Monday, April 15, 2013

Ice and Toadstools

If you drove our streets this weekend you would have thought a tornado came to town.

Ice and freezing rain coated everything in sight.

Sure, it looks pretty, but one step outside and you could hear the trees falling all around. It was pretty terrifying really. The power flickered on and off for a few hours until finally we lost all juice. We were one of the lucky ones though as we regained power in just a couple of hours. Friends were without power still yesterday!

When things seemed to settle, we walked around to assess the damage. Lots of limbs and small trees down, a big mess to tidy. Again, we were very fortunate, nothing too big fell here, no major damage, and we were all safe.

This birch at the bottom of the hill snapped and Mr. Pixie agreed that it would make for some rather nice toadstool stems. Birch rots fairly quickly, so they won't last but a couple of years, but here's the resulting toadstools...

Aren't they the cutest?!? Those are metal mixing bowls, spray painted red and screwed into the end of the chopped birch posts. I'm totally not clever enough to come up with this myself and absolutely swiped the project from My Paper Inclination.



  1. Nichola, these are AWESOME! I love them to pieces. Thanks for sending me the link!

  2. The ice storm seemed to be very localized. It hit right our property (a few trees down there but no real damage) but no signs of it further west. We got nothing but sleet and ice pellets here in Toronto. Friends in Milton (an hour northwest of here) reported they had only rain that day, but Acton (15 minutes north of there) was hit as hard as you.

    Glad there was no serious damage at the Hill. The toadstools are brilliant, and a great example of making the best of a bad lot!

  3. Love the giant toadstools....gotta make some for myself!