Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Just call me "Flash"

Last night, while watching lightening from the first thunderstorm of the season, I made two little mailboxes. This morning I was excited to get them installed... but quickly came to realize that the ground was still frozen and everything quite damp with the thaw of winter. No worries, they have found perfectly suitable temporary homes.

The mailboxes will occasionally contain miniature mail for anyone willing to open up those little boxes. A little souvenir for the brave and curious. I absolutely believe that those traits should be rewarded once in a while ;)

Speaking of mail. I haven't abandoned those little letters yet but will very soon.
Here's the second letter in the series...

My sweet girl Cedar,

Your uncle and I were elated over the news of the arrival of Little Acorn. What a delightful name! We cannot wait to see the darling for ourselves and have decided that once your Uncle Thistle heals, we will make the journey to your mossy spot for a visit.

Yes, your Uncle Thistle has injured his foot. Mrs. Merryroot was correct, it was a misadventure with the chipmunk that did him in. The facts are rather fuzzy and I suspect that your uncle is attempting to hide details of the shenanigans for fear of my wrath. 

That man is far too old to be playing about, but he is part imp and you know what they are like. They simply will not be stopped.

Give your little Acorn a squeeze from both of us. We will see you as soon as we are able to travel.

With love,
Great Auntie Primrose

P.S. Sieglinde you can find all sorts of free calligraphic handwriting fonts here at dafont.com.  I do find that a lot of them need a little 'help' with spacing and sometimes they don't contain all of the extra characters for punctuation, but once in a while you'll find a gem.