Monday, April 08, 2013

Pixie Postage & A Story in Nine Parts

Dearest Aunt Primrose,

Hope all is well with you and Uncle Thistle. We heard about uncles misadventure with the chipmunk last month when we bumped into Mrs. Merryroot at the market. We were all very concerned about him and made wishes for his rapid recovery. I do hope they worked!

We have some rather wonderful news to share. There has been a new arrival to our little mossy patch. Last Thursday a tiny winged girl arrived. We have named the wee thing ‘Oak’. Being that she is such a little thing at the moment, and the Oak is so very big and mighty, we have taken to calling her ‘Little Acorn’ until she can properly fit into her name.

Perhaps when the weather clears we can attempt a visit to the woods and introduce you to the little one. It has been far too long since we have seen each other.

Much love,
Cedar Nimblewill

The April challenge in the Art Abandonment group I belong to was to abandon a piece that included poetry in celebration of National Poetry Month. Although not exactly poetry, I figured some creative writing wasn't too far off the mark. Here are a series of nine miniature letters, each one telling a part of a little story. They'll be dropped here and there around Brighton over the next week or so.

The envelopes are handmade, the paper tea stained, and I even designed the little stamps to go on the envelopes to say "Pixie Post" and things of that sort.

The writing on each letter matches that on the envelope. Each character, or voice, being assigned his or her own typeface. The envelopes are all sealed with wax with a "P" seal.

Rather than bombard you with all of the notes at once, I'll share them over the coming week or so.

AND because I think that finding a little letter would be thrilling... AND because I think letter writing is pretty damned lovely... I'm going to install a mailbox or two at Pixie Hill. Visitors will be able to check for mail, and if they're very lucky, take home a souvenir! We'll install one at 'The Gates' too when the faeries visit my Brighton Arts Council friends this summer.

If you'd like to take part and send a letter (or two... or ten) to the Faerie Folk at Pixie Hill, you can send them to this address...

Nichola Battilana
attn: PH Impish Dept. of Customs
134 Bullis Rd
Brighton, ON K0K 1H0

A couple of things to keep in mind...

• You cannot actually post miniature mail. You'll have to pop your letter into a larger envelope for it to make it's way here.

• Because the recipient may be a child, I'm asking that you DO NOT seal your little letter. All material will need to go through the PH Impish Department of Customs before being placed.

• In return, I'd like to add you to my Christmas card list so be sure to include your return address :)