Thursday, April 04, 2013

World domination one step at a time.

Zippity-flipping-doo-dah! I made the first round of the Graphic 45 design team auditions!

I am absolutely giddy. Seriously. If you happen to be near the house today don't peek in the windows because I will very likely be breaking out into a song and dance. Although this is most definitely an expression of joy, my dance moves and singing have both been known to cause severe damage. Safety first!

Speaking of safety, my working studio is a disaster! While I do my computer design work in the downstairs studio, upstairs is my little working sanctuary. It's was such a complete hazard that I'm sure it would have required police tape in just a day or two. I spent some time last night revealing the floor and, believe it or not, this is the improved state...

Still shameful but I do know where everything is. It's a sort of messy organization. I can guarantee you that when it's spic and span I'll be unable to find a single pair of scissors.

Anyway, now that I've found the floor, I'm on a mission to see if there's a table under that heap in the middle. Wish me luck!