Monday, April 01, 2013

Fashion Shows and Spring Cleaning

This month, Alpha Stamps is offering up a package filled with items to celebrate French Fashion. Here's the wee papercrafted postcard I created with that theme in mind...
My favourites items? Foliage Bees Epoxy Stickers very cute. I'm sort of on a bee kick at the mo' so I'm all over these. I'm also smitten with these Bluebirds and Flowers Stickers. To be honest, I'm not much of a sticker person, but these are all sorts of sweet. AND the Ambrosia Marigold Scrapbook Paper is very pretty.

Speaking of fashion... Last week I cleaned out my drawers and closet and realized that I don't like very much that's in there. I don't think there's a single item that looks anything like the amazing clothes that I drool over on pinterest. My husband said "Well why do you buy the clothes you do?" To which I replied, "Because I buy what's cheap and fits (kinda)."

Anywho, I'm tired of it. I've got it in my head that within two years I will rid myself of the junk that is currently 'my wardrobe' and transform it into a pin-worthy wonderland. This may very well be a pipe dream and remain on my to-do list forever... but at this moment it's forefront in my mind.

What about you? Is fashion and style important to you? Do you dress for comfort? Do you manage to look good AND remain comfortable? Or do you not give a hoot and wear jamma pants to the Walmart? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Beautiful! I love the details!

  2. My fashion sensibility is like yours...I buy what I can afford and what (sort of!) fits. I was a fashionista when I was younger and worked in retail and fashion industry but I wear black and/or denim all the time and am not likely to change!

  3. I wear what fits, what's comfortable and what doesn't embarrass my 12 year old grand's orders.
    I don't go anywhere fabulous so most everything I own is practical (boring). Oma Linda

  4. Gorgeous postcard. The details and dimension are amazing. Love the bee. It makes me smile. I like your clothing plan and would love to do the same thing...phase out the boring or "safe" and phase in the styles I admire but never wear. Hmmm, you've given me something to think about. Thanks.

  5. lovely post card. Keep me posted on your clothing make over progress, I am right beside you and its time to clean everything out.. tough to push out, cuz then I have to go shopping and that is not something i enjoy right now..... so, comfy and enjoying it at the moment, that will change....... all the best neighbour