Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mother of All Craft Shows

I have a love/hate relationship with craft shows. I love meeting people and talking about my work. I hate lugging my gear all over the place. I decided this year that I would not do any craft show events.

Then I saw a juried show called 'The Mother of all Craft Shows' with proceeds going to Fixed Fur Life. Ah, what the heck...

So this Sunday I'm off to sling my wares at the show at the River Inn in Corbyville/Belleville and I'm kinda excited about it. I'm so excited I even made some new stuff!

Loads of little Pixie Books... blank inside so that the users can actually write in them :)

They are quite tiny!

And there's some new little fairy bottles too. 

Anyway I'm quite excited and if you happen to go, stop by my booth and say 'Hiya!'