Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Proud Priscilla's Bohemian Bazaar Matchbox House

I'm so excited to share this project. I've had to sit on my hands to stop myself from posting it sooner BUT today it's being featured on the Graphic 45 blog so I can safely show it off.

May I present, Proud Priscilla's Bohemian Bazaar Matchbox House!

This project was created with Small Matchbook Box as a base and embellished with of my very favourite paper collections: Bohemian Bazaar. A couple of years ago my arty pallet consisted mainly of grey, brown and black. I made a conscious effort to add bit of colour to my work... now I can't get enough. Bohemian Bazaar makes me happy just to look at it :) AND check out the windows and door... those are the G45 Staples Ornate Metal Key Holes

 And those keys... LOVE them.
Turn the wee building around there's our Proud Priscilla standing in her garden of Petaloo flowers :)

For more pics and complete materials list hop over to the Graphic 45 blog!


  1. I saw this over on Graphic45's site and I LOVED it!!! I love the keys as a fence and the keyholes as windows and doors. It's just fantastic and so very creative!!

  2. I love this project and all the delightful whimsy you bring to the team Nichola!

  3. You never, ever disappoint us!!!! This is so adorable! I love how you cut the "shingles". What did you use to cut them with? Awesome!

  4. Fabulous, really, really like it.

  5. I saw this on the blog and knew it was yours! Lovely.