Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fancy French Gargoyle Bunting

When charged with making something nice for Alpha Stamps with their Gargoyle Die-Cut Chipboard I knew that these weren't just any old gargoyles... these were fancy French Gargoyles! Fancy French GLITTERY Gargoyles!!!

Now I know not everyone loves glitter. Some people loath the stuff (they must be crazy!). I adore glitter. I put it on all possible things. My husband often leaves for work with tiny sparkles stuck to his cheek. It’s a sickness really.

If you want to add sparkle to your gargoyles I suggest painting a base colour as close as possible to your glitter colour. In doing this you can get away with using far less glitter (leaving more for other projects!). Also, be sure to paint both the front and back of your chipboard shapes to help avoid curling

Check out the September Gargoyle Kit for the supplies used in making this glittery adornment.

If you hurry over to the Alpha Stamps blog right now, there is a faboo giveaway of papery goods and beautiful charms to make your own gargoyle bunting! Hurry, hurry and best of luck to you!


  1. I love your bunting! I love glitter too, but my daughter is one of the glitter haters. I don't understand it!

  2. These gargoyles are fabulous in all their glittery glory. Love the idea of using them for bunting. I'll bet they look even more spectacular IRL as the light catches the sparkle.

  3. Once again you've created something totally different, you're ideas are so refreshing nichola :)