Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This morning, after saying 'be good at school!' and seeing the kidlet hop onto the bus, I wandered slowly around our lawn, looking for my morning 'bit-o-magic' snap-shot. On my short stroll I saw...

Beautiful droplets, like glass beads, on blades of grass

One last chance to tell the time or blow a wish!

A raggedy mushroom, nestled in a wet bed of clover.

I considered showing off the dog's fantastical obedience skills.

But something caught my eye. A clump. A furry clump! Oh no!

Upon inspection I had a giggle...

What ever got to this must have been mightily disappointed. No meal was to be had here. These were the innards from the kiddos homemade archery target! Just a clump of stinky wool and nothing more. The would-be assassin was diligent because a second clump was found in the opposite direction.

Then again, I'm not entirely convinced it was a wild beast who disemboweled the target. It could very well have been goblins. They are rather messy and are known to leave things laying about (I think my husband has a measure of goblin blood in him!) AND Padfoot has been growling at things I cannot see (I have a blind spot when it comes to those particular creatures) AND it is that time of year when wee folk gather and scrounge for winter clothes.

Yes, yes... it most certainly must have been goblins.


  1. A goblin left a half eaten miniature pumpkin on our bed....

  2. Nichola-

    I have had the most wonderful time strolling thru your blog. I hopped over here from G45 and I am so happy I did! What a fun time. And your artsy fartsy section was fabulous...I was sad when the photos ended!

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! Looking forward to your next G45 creation!

    And yes. It must be goblins.

  3. I have some goblin blood in me... I'm constantly trying to work against my natural inclination to set things down & wander off... ^_~


  4. Thanks Nichola for my daily dose of Pixie Hill, just gets me in the right mood for the day :)