Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Tea Party

Here is my latest 'completed' piece for my December show at Impresario Artisan Market. I'm calling it "The Tea Party". I was going to add wings and hats on those lovely ladies but I think the piece is done.

The butterflies are copies of old scientific illustrations. The slugs and birds are hand painted over the collage work. The beads and lace were all taken from an old wedding gown (which was already torn up btw). And those ladies really were having tea! Here's the original photo I found at a flea market. Just look at that wallpaper!

Measuring around 36" x 24" this piece is HUGE as far as my work goes. I do have one more large collage piece planned for the show, but then I think I'll come down to earth once more and dabble with my tiny things :)

Here are a few detail shots for a better look.