Friday, December 13, 2013

A chill

It's been cold here... very cold.

Just like sticky summer days where it's not the heat but the humidity that gets ya, so too the cold is encouraged by 'wind chill'. While it may only be -7ºC outside, the wind that nips at our cheeks feels like -15ºC. Today doesn't seem so bad but this evenings overnight temperature is estimated at -17ºC, feeling like -27ºC! Eeeee Gads!

But the cold does do pretty things. Magical things.

Like decorate our windows...

provide wintery white bouquets...

soft fluffy snow...

and beautiful feathered ice.

If you happen to be nearby and want somewhere warm to visit ;) the studio is open for drop-in visitors today from 12 to 6 and Saturday 11 to 4.

For those who live too far for a visit I'll be posting some sales this weekend in my etsy shop.