Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Traditions and Paper Stockings

This morning was lovely. I do love snow, and on a still day free from bone chilling winds it's glorious to walk in the fluffy stuff and breath in cool fresh air.

Mr. Pixie has once again built a rink for D. It's a biggun' this year, 20' x 40' and the best one yet! We weren't sure if there would be a rink this year but I'm glad there is. It's become tradition now and it's a good one. Funny how something made from scraps of wood and tarps seem so important. Funny how things built from scraps can be the dearest things of all.

Speaking of scraps of this and that... how's this for cute?! A wee paper stocking I made for Alpha Stamps using all sorts of wonderful bits and bobs from their December 2013 Kit - Christmas Stockings.

I just love their classic gnomey (gnomeish?) collage sheets.

I mean, just look at that face! A jolly fellow indeed :)