Monday, January 20, 2014

221B Baker Street

It's not often that I create something for myself.

I've gone a little bit mental over Sherlock ever since watching the entire series while in my sick bed. Benedict Cumberbatch is now my newest imaginary boyfriend and I am smitten with all things Sherlockian. Since dear old Sherly (that's what I call him... we're besties) pulled me through my life threatening illness (not really but let's go with it) I thought I should commemorate and celebrate our relationship in some way. A keepsake just for me. And so, here is my altered Altoid tin of 221B Baker Street.

The numbers aren't perfect but that's ok. I didn't want to use printouts, just things I had on hand, so I bent some wire to create the tiny address. The two tiny round bits used for the locks are the heads off of jewelry posts.

The 'glass'  above the door is from a transparency that arrived in my last Alpha Stamps design team kit. The mail slot is a tiny snippet of gold dresden. The wallpaper? That's from Graphic 45's 12 Days of Christmas 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad.

And the inside...

There's a lot going on in that little space. Some of the things that I've included are... a violin (very hard to see but you can just make out the bow to the right of the fireplace next to the stack of books), a stack of correspondence jabbed onto the mantle, a skull, famed specimen, a blue slipper for hiding ciggies (to the left of the fireplace), books galore, file folders, strewn papers, a framed portrait (in this case the face from a stamp).

The chairs (which are made from paperclay) have to be removed to close the tin. I'm sure with enough fiddling that I could make something that shut tight with everything in place, but since I made this just for me, well, I think this fine.

For a better idea of the scale, here's a penny for reference.

P.S. I would just like to add here that I am not entirely mental... just slightly. 


ETA: THANK YOU for all your kind words :) I'm overwhelmed by the reaction to my little tin. For more information about the possible availability/unavailablitiy of other 221B tins please see THIS POST

ONE MORE EDIT: A post of the 'new and improved' 221B tins can be found HERE