Tuesday, February 18, 2014

221B Update: Teeniest Books and Organization

This week's updates will mostly focus on the set of 221B tins and (hopefully) the flurry of progress in completing them. This morning's task was to complete the books that litter the shelves and floor of Sherlock's abode. Here's a look at some on a penny for an idea of size.

I've made loads. LOADS! And I know it still won't be enough. No matter how many extra I make, it never seems to be enough. I am always left thinking... "If I just had a few more." *sigh*

With so many little bits and pieces completed it's been necessary to level up my organization and use one of my favourite tools... the cheap plastic divider box! Stepping into my studio you might think that all things would be lost in the evil vortex of chaos, but I do know where most things are. These little boxes keep my mess shockingly organized.

This little darling is keeping all of my papery Baker Street bits exactly where they should be :)

Lastly, a word about the sale of the tins. As much as I dislike auctions, I'm leaning toward that option for their sale. I feel like an auction would give more people the opportunity to own one, rather than just good timing. It also takes pricing out of my hands (something I loathe) and assures that the winning bidders are paying a price they are comfortable with.

Any thoughts? I'd really like to hear what you think.

I'm off to build bookshelves for all those little tomes... maybe even a mantle or two.


  1. LOVELY!!! They are so tiny!!!
    I took back my old dollhouse project, the one i have been having around for years now ... jajaja
    Hope to finish it this one! I will be uploadig the pics in my non-cooking blog :D Back to arts ! jajaja


  2. I think I would be very tempted to put one on eBay just to see what would happen! On the other hand, how would you price them after that price was established? Sort of a dilemma...to try it or not. I know many people will want to buy or bid on these!

  3. how about doing both, do the auction first and then add them on Etsy. You might not be aware but your boxes were making the rounds in the Sherlock Tumblr fandom. I did a little shout of "It's Pixie Hill! It's Pixie hill!" when I saw someone reblogging your boxes a while back

  4. I think an auction is an awesome idea. I know what you mean about pricing :) I love all the intricate little pieces you are making :)

  5. I think the auction route is a perfect way to make those little treasures "self pricing"! I had the same thought as TMCPhoto above though. Maybe auction half and then set the price for the other half at the average price of the ones that sold by auction? The details are so impressive. . . such tiny beauty. . . these are certainly the equivalent of stuffing ten pounds of goodness into a five pound sack!