Friday, February 28, 2014

221B Baker Street Real Estate Links

I have one auction listing live. It can be found **SOLD**. I will list a second today, but I'm looking for an alternative to ebay. Listing that tin reminded me of all the reasons I stopped using ebay YEARS ago. Anywho, I'll update this post when I list the second tin later today. **SOLD**

Secondly... and most amazingly... check this out!

Those three little letters? That "Wow!" at the end? That's from the man himself, Arwel Wyn Jones, who created the brilliant BBC Sherlock set! Needless to say I just about fainted dead away ... 

... then, being me, I thought "Oh crap. What if he means 'Wow! what a nutter?"

... then I pushed that thought aside and decided to believe it was a nice 'Wow!' afterall :)

Good luck folks!