Tuesday, April 01, 2014

An altered bit-o-wood

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! I think spring may have actually arrived. It has been a long cold winter and I for one am glad to see small patches of grass through the snow... even if they are brown ;) 

This is one of the pieces that I've been sitting on patiently (ok, maybe a little excitedly) waiting to show you.

The base is a Walnut Hollow Innkeeper Signboard to which chipboard gears, Typography, and a slew of bits and bobs have been applied.

The little burnt out lightbulbs were found at the bottom of a box of junk we bought at auction last year. SEE there is a reason to keep absolutely everything!

Those wonderful gears are from Gina's Designs which have been painted witch copper paint and then distressed. The sentiment "Let me think" is from a vintage kids book that I regularly, gleefully, tear into.

There's a few more pics over on the Graphic 45 blog today, along with a beautiful project by the ever amazing Rhea Freitag. Definitely worth a hop over :)

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Graphic 45 Staples

Antique Metal Door Pull>  
Ornate Metal Keys>
 Ornate Metal Key Holes>
 Ornate Metal Label Holder>  
Washi Tape Set
Metal Tag

Walnut Hollow Innkeeper Signboard 14”
Petaloo Colour Me Crazy Chipboard Gears 

Gina’s Designs Cardstock Doily Set Steampunk
Gina’s Designs Steampunk Shape Set
  Fairy Vials  
Metallic Mini Brads 
Metal Hands 
Vintage cabinet card image
Tiny watch parts
Vintage watch spring
Burnt out mini lamp bulbs