Thursday, April 03, 2014

Punch and Judy 'By the Sea' Theatre

I realize it's been quiet around these parts over the past week or so BUT I have a really good excuse: I made the top 30 for the Graphic 45 design team and I've been working on my super special project for round 2!

Are you ready?

Here's my Punch and Judy "By the Sea" Theatre...

If you aren't familiar with Punch and Judy they play a big role in the culture of the British sea side. It's a sort of violent puppet show which can be dated back to just before the 1700's, reaching a height of popularity during the Victorian era.

Now, see that little knob?

Turn it and Punch and Judy whack one another! You just can't argue with a 100's year old tradition.

 AND if you want to make your own there's a tutorial!

... and here is the accompanying print out (click for full size)

... and finally, here is the complete supply list

Corrugated cardboard
Thin wood doweling
Coffee stir sticks
Drinking straw
Jute twine
Hot glue & adhesives