Thursday, April 24, 2014

Checking in...

Sorry for the lack of posts but it's been a fairly uneventful week around here. All admin stuff and very little crafty goodness.

My site was moved to a new server this week so I spent a bit of time updating. (ETA: in the changeover process I lost all of email.If you are waiting to hear back fromme, please resend!) I have finally added information to the page about faeries and pixies which you can find HERE if you are so inclined. If you've been to my other site you'll see that some of it is regurgitated. The other site will be coming down soon as it has been untouched for four years. I sometimes feel like I collect domains and let them gather dust like knickknacks.

There was one recent bit of creativity I can share: the above oil painting. I am not an oil painter... at all. Acrylic, watercolour? Good to go. Oils, not so much. And I do wish I had a knack for them so I drag them out once a year, toss something on a canvas and quickly put them away again when I see what I've made. It's not terrible, but it certainly isn't good. Like knitting, oil painting keeps me humble ;)

Finally, the blog will be postless for a little while longer as I'm heading to Ottawa this weekend with my kid and mudder. My darling son keeps reminding me that I promised him a fancy Beaver Tail (a sort of street treat they sell there) 4+ years ago. "Please put away your hockey stick" he forgets in 15 seconds. "I'll get you a Beaver Tail next time" he keeps in the vault. At least he has his priorities straight.

P.S. There is now a 'Follow by email' option at the top right. xoxo