Monday, April 28, 2014

Radio Redo

My husband brings home a lot of junk. A lot. When we were living in an 800 sq/f house he came home one day and said "You're going to be mad." His pick-up was filled (and I do mean FILLED... even the passenger seat was piled high!) with wine making supplies someone had given him. I wasn't pleased. My own sprawling craft stash makes any complaining on my part null and void.

He brought this home the other week. For the love of limited storage, why? But he plugged it in and it worked and suddenly I was nostalgic, remembering dancing around in my bedroom to 'Safety Dance' or 'Take on Me'. Deciding that perhaps this old thing wasn’t really junk after all I set to work on giving it a makeover.

For all of the curvy bits and odd shaped angles I simply covered with Washi Tape. LOVE the thick black tape with the Typography pattern because it can be torn and cut and stuck together and the edges practically camouflage themselves! The rest is covered with Inspire, Create, Inscribe and Dream.
This funky piece is now sitting in my working studio where I will make messes to the K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies... or something like that ;)

... and an old radio

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