Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clockless Moon Clock

I bought this broken clock/jewelry case a while ago...

I've had a kinda/sorta idea what I wanted to do with it but it's been sitting for ages waiting to be poked by a bit of inspiration. FINALLY, after much fussy and fiddling I've ended up with this...

I'm pretty pleased with the transformation but I can't help but feel it's missing one little something. What that something is, I have no idea but I'm sure that one night, months from now, as my head rests upon my pillow, just the right thing will shake me awake :)

The moon is rather pleased where he sits... so I know he's not the problem.

For now, I'll take my cue from him and rest, be still...

... loads of lovely things are born of rest and stillness and trusting just the right things will come along eventually.

Old jewelry box/clock
Alpha Stamps May "Springtime in Paris" Kit
Wood Mini Spools
Clock Keys
Mushrooms - Red
Cherry Blossom Garland
Pink Rose Garland*
Violet Cherry Blossom Garland*
Star sequins
Blue glitter
Handmade Paperclay moon
Tin Tart Mold
Pyramid brads
Watch hands


  1. Quite wonderfu1, as always! I don't see anything "missing" but it would fun to see what you might add someday. The moon looks very content for sure. What a lovely work!

  2. OH MY Fabulous!! You never cease to amaze me Nichola!! I truly love that moon! And if you decide to add- yes, please do post again!

  3. Your project is remarkable. Such a fanciful and cheery new old clock. Wonderful job. :)

  4. This may be one of my favorite pieces you have ever created . . . on SO many levels! Talk about stepping into another world. . . there is something in the timeless idea of a moon clock that I adore. I've never worn a watch, never have my phone's clock display on and we have no clocks at all in the studio. Time is, to me, not to be tracked so carefully as we do in minutes and hours. But celestially and as contentedly as that moon face looks? Oh yes, indeed. :)

  5. A cow....maybe a cow. I love your work. Always so whimsical. Really diggin' the moon.

  6. what a beautiful piece of whimsy... stunning.. and I had to LOL

    I too have several pieces waiting for the inspiration faerie to arrive... hugs wendy