Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new camera for me...

I bought myself a mother's day present this year. (Cheeky!) A new camera. Because I am thrifty (read: cheap) I spent $120 on the floor model, then haggled $20 off because the lens cap didn't fit. One hundred dollars for a new snapper? Just call me moneybags.

I'm still getting used to the thing but there are things that I do not like about it... because it's bigger it casts a large shadow when trying to get close to my subject, it's heavier, the USB cord is too short, it doesn't focus where I want it to... BUT ....

... now I can take pictures of bumble-bees mooning me

Or get a snap of their shiny wings and fuzzy jackets while they are busy at work.

I can snap my dear Padfoot's mug and catch the crumbs and slobber on his sweet muzzle.

I shoot the moon in the night... or day!

I can take pics of feathered fellows without frightening them away.

Or shoot evidence of wild beasties from the safety of my kitchen window

And I can even take pictures of weeds that grow whiskers for whiskerless gnomes.

Perhaps it's ok afterall :)

Hope you're having a fabulous week! I miss you every day we don't chat xoxo


  1. Photos are GORGEOUS!! Methinks it was a bargain for the joy of the beautiful pics you share. Thanks!:)

  2. Fabulous close up shots, despite there are things you don't like. What amazing detail! Happy for you!

  3. Holy cats Nichola!! What kind of camera did you buy? And what is that zoom ? My macro on my camera does not even come close to what you have just shown- all of which are totally beautiful and gorgeous shots!!! Have to admit my favs are you fur baby's nose and the bumblebee butt!!oh and the whiskered weed! ")

  4. the bumble bee butt is adorable :)

  5. très jolies photos, merci de les partager

  6. make and model??? puts my camera to shame. was thinking I would splurge and buy myself a birthday present...

    1. It's a cheap Sony Cyber-Shot dsc-h2000. After having it for a while now I wouldn't recommend it. It had to be sent in for repairs once (just suddenly stopped working), I can hear the lens grind into focus on the audio if I film video, and the focus is terrible. That said, it was $100 so I can't complain toooo much.