Sunday, May 18, 2014

Workin' workin' workin'

I've been a little obsessed with something old over the past week or so. The inspiration for this one might be a little obscure, but it's one of my all time favourite flicks. So, as I do when I am smitten, I've started making something. This time I'm using a Small Matchbook Box from Graphic 45 as my base. I do have two new tin designs that I'll be working on soon, but this is a 'quick' something for me (I'm actually making 2), for a bit of fun before I jump into those, more detailed, minis.

So... here are a few in progress pictures.

This was my 'dry run' with the milk carton. The final ones are about 3/4 of this size.

The Madonna and her bullet marked walls.

This is the interior pretty much complete.

I'm now working on the outside. The front facade has been bricked. Next the sides. Then grouting... then .... then ... then ...

To compliment the piece there will be a really REALLY cool free printable when it's posted. I am so excited about the freebie I can barely stand it. It makes me wiggle in my chair with excitement! If you're a big fan of the flick this piece is based on, I think you're going to loooovvvve it!