Friday, May 16, 2014

A place for St. Expedite

After breakfast has been rushed, the school lunch bagged, the dog sent to do his 'business' and the kid is shipped off to school, the house becomes quiet. I begin most mornings leaving fresh offerings, giving thanks and lighting incense for those spirits I am drawn to.

I often talk about St. Expedite. He has his own little page on my website. There's good reason for that, he's never let me down when I really needed help. Until now, my offerings of thanks have been placed on the counter. I wanted to create a special niche for him, away from the bustle of the house. And so I came up with this...

A little tin and glass lantern atop a large painted spindle. I'm hoping it patinas well. I've helped with the aging process by distressing the paint a little bit :P

Inside is just the right size for a small glass of beer and slice of cake, or some other token of thanks for saving my butt one more time :) Perhaps I'll find a small figure to place inside too.