Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little French something or other

I created this little wheeled shadowbox for Alpha Stamps with their Springtime in Paris Kit. It's packed with snippets of lace, fussy cut blooms and butterflies.

I've never been to Paris. I'm not entirely certain how well I would do in that tourist mecca. Perhaps I'd be better off roaming the less traveled roads.

If I ever DO make it to France I pinky swear that I will I will turn into a crafty Pepe le Pew and say "Oh la la!" and "Sacrebleu!" at every opportunity (in full realization no one actually says those things).

But, if I happened to run into the very handsome Frenchman Jean Reno on my French adventure, I would (mostly) be on my very best behaviour and wink and say, "Où sont les toilettes?" because I really don't know how to speak French at all but am fully capable of embarrassing myself even with a limited vocabulary. :P

All Alpha Stamps supplies used in this project found HERE
Small Paper Theatre Boxes
Small Masonite Wheel Set
Springtime in Paris Kit
Fern Garland
Mini Red Pip Berry Garland
Pink Rose Garland*
Mixed Size Butterflies Dresden Scraps