Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Venetian Theatre

Yesterday it was an imaginary trip to France, today it's Italy and the water ways of Venice.


My dear husband is Italian (in case the last name didn't tip you off), his family from a town near Venice. While I know full well that every modern convenience is available to the Venetian people, I prefer to think of it as a place stuck in time. If I ever get a chance to visit, my delusional mind will fully expect costumed figures with hats, capes and masks darting through dark alleys, leaping onto gondolas, then nipping into secret eateries for fancy nibbles and plenty of drink!

Perhaps it's best I made myself a little slice of magical Venice to dream upon, using Alpha Stamps  June Paper Theatre Kit and few extra bits and bobs.

Just look at that gold dresden! If I was a wealthy woman I would spend all of my pennies on fancy dresden and candy.

Want to create your own slice of Venice? Here's the supply list:

June Paper Theatre Kit
Ships and Waves Backdrops Collage Sheet 
Pierrette Collage Sheet 
The Canals Collage Sheet 
Gold Fleur de Lys Dresden Borders
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Turquoise
Star Mix Cut-Outs
Small Wooden Finials