Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mailable Graphic 45 Mother Goose House

Graphic 45 challenged its design team members to create something inspired by a pin on Pinterest. I saw THIS collaspable cardboard house and immediately had the urge to shrink it down :) So I've created my own version from G45's Mother Goose.

I often post things in via snail mail and this seemed like the perfect way to send something nice to my little friends overseas without breaking the bank. 

Everything collapses flat (the house, the characters) and tucks neatly away inside the envelope. Easy peasy! 

I’ve used Mother Goose for my little house, but I am certain that An Eerie Tale would make for a super haunted house!

Psst, I’ve used a folded banner triangle attached to the back of the characters to help them stand.

Mother Goose Tags & Pockets

** UPDATE: For those asking for a tute, I'll try to put something together soon-ish **