Friday, August 01, 2014

The Secret Garden altoid tin miniatures

The Secret Garden tins are complete! Below is a pretty good pic of the front, inside and back of the tins. Each has a slightly different arrangement and selection of flowers and leaves and moss, but they are all quite similar.

I am rather smitten with these little gardens. They are bright and cheerful... as they should be! Many of the flowers inside are from Alpha Stamps, who have a great selection of pretty little flowers. You can also purchase Blank Altoids Tins  from them as well.

Inside each of the tins is a tiny handmade robin. Here's one before it was placed...

I love robins and know that they are very good friends with the faeries in my garden :)

And here's the whole lot lined up in a pretty row.

Five tins created in a all. Four are available for purchase and listed in the etsy shop HERE.


P.S. A quick update on the 221B Baker St. / Sherlock tins... The very last tin, the one numbered 10/10 in fact, is now in England and will be auctioned shortly by The Undershaw Preservation Trust to raise funds toward the restoration of Sir Conan Doyle's study. This is the very last chance to purchase a tin! No others will be made. No more are available. The money raised is for a great cause, helping to preserve  history and honor a very important believer of faeries. I will keep you updated.