Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A Faerie Bed

It is a well known fact that our house is infested with faeries. We're quite lucky that they are (mostly) of the nice variety and that we get along swimmingly. It is inadvisable to spoil faeries, they find it insulting and overbearing, I do believe that an occasional treat is acceptable. 

And so, today I'm sharing this little bed I created for my resident faeries... because even the fair folk get sleepy.

The base of the bed is made from fallen twigs found in our yard. A small mattress was created with some quilting batting and a small square of cotton fabric. The beautiful covers on the bed are laces from Tresors de Luxe, including Lace Trim Venice Floral and Gold Venice Lace Applique.

For the tiny pillow, I have taken two segments from this White Venice Lace Trim, filled with the tiniest bit of cotton batting, and sealed the edges.

The posts of the little bed are decorated with deconstructed Rustic Shabby Chic Flower Embellishments and White Acrylic Flower Sprays.

If you have sleepy faeries and would like to construct your own bed, here are the supplies I used to create this piece:
Lace Trim Venice Floral
Gold Venice Lace Applique

White Acrylic Flower Spray
Rustic Shabby Chic Flower Embellishments
cotton fabric

quilt batting


  1. Amazing Miss Nichola! Seeing what you make with their stuff makes me so sad I turned down their offer to be on their team. I was just too busy at the time!

  2. And they DO love to curl up with a favorite book or fairy journal too! What fae would possibly even try to resist such a tempting place to lay and laze?