Friday, October 03, 2014

Garden faeries and something to scribble in

Last year I started taking photos of the faeries in my garden. The photos are inspired by the Cottingley fairies, and in that spirit involve very little funny business. The photos are shot just as they appear, with only minor photoshopping and colour editing.

The bee in this particular photo was so very cooperative! He just sort of hung out while I did my thing :)

This fellow regaled me with tales of his strength. He told me he can lift a twig three times his size! Hubba, hubba.

Finally, this pretty girl was twirling in this cluster of mushrooms near the old maple tree. I think she was waiting for a parcel to be delivered to fairy mail box.

And for the something to scribble in...

If you follow the link you can preview the entire book. There are no holidays or events marked, just basic monthly calendars. There are pictures of my garden faeries inside, but the pages aren't coated or fancy so you should feel no guilt whatsoever about doodling and drawing in it.

P.S. I realize that Blurb shipping prices to non-US addresses is ridiculously high. I am sorry about that and I wish there was some way to curb them. (Seriously, because I get dinged by them too!)