Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Goblin Party for Alpha Stamps

There has been a goblin extravaganza over at Alpha Stamps this month. I was excited by this month's theme as I have been wanting to do a project inspired by the poem "The Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti.

I ended up creating a feast rather than a market... but here it is...

I know... it's busy... but hang in there with me...

The piece is loaded with lovely little details... like these tiny little fairy house charms that sit atop the  Black and White Chevron Striped 'pillars' that mark the entry to the feast.

And cheeky goblins lurking here and there.

A tables packed with finery and ready for feasting! Look at that Miniature Silverware Set! The table itself is made from wide tongue depressors and twigs. Speaking of twigs....

Look at those goblins bandying about!

This piece was soooo much fun to create. If you'd like to make your own little goblin or faerie feast, (or just see something that caught your eye and you immediately need to have!) here's a list of the goodies I used from my friends at Alpha Stamps...

Pewter Dollhouse Tea Service 
Pewter Dollhouse Dishes 
Holly Berry Garland* 
Embossed Paper Elm Leaves* 
Mushrooms - Cream Mushrooms - Pink 
Red Glittered Holly Berries* 
Purple Iris Paper Flowers* 
White Roses with Heart Shaped Petals 
Mini Bird Eggs 
Miniature Glass Domes 
Miniature Silverware Set 
Miniature Table & Chairs Set
Medium Gold Filigree Bead Caps 
Amber Even Tinier Bottles*
12 Tiny Glass Bottles 
Miniature Tea Kettle Charm* Silver Pinecone Charms
Silver Cup Box Feet
Antique Bronze 3D Gnome House Charms 
Brimstone Bulletin Scrapbook Paper
Double Dot Chevron Scrapbook Paper - Charcoal
Sheet Moss (I used a different moss, but this would work very well)