Monday, October 27, 2014

Another Potter Swap

I love Harry Potter swaps. The crafting possibilities are endless! After a bit of a hiccup (I'm looking at you Canada Post) my package SHOULD be arriving on my partners doorstep today. Here's what I created for her...

A "Divination" cupboard filled with tools dear Professor Trelawney might employ. There's a palmistry hand, tarot cards, books, tea cup, crystal ball...

Next a wand from Olivanders. This one is made of Black Locust with a troll hair core.

The tree this wood was taken from was hit by lightening last year. It is said that struck trees make for the very best wands. I've assured my partner that the troll the hair was taken from was quite nice and she needn't worry about her wand misbehaving.

A bottle of Felix Felicis... because who couldn't use a little extra luck?

Finally a tiny Monster Book of Monsters which bit me three times while making it!

And there you have it! A Potter package for a fabulous partner :)