Saturday, February 07, 2015

My One Little Thing "Fruitful"

Here is my one little thing for this weeks 'fruitful' theme. It's not at all what I intended but there's two lessons from this sketchy mess.

My kiddo actually asked me to make with him this week. My kiddo isn't much interested in art or making. I suppose that being surrounded by mum's 'work' sort of takes the appeal out of it. Or maybe he's just more interested in other things... like food... and sports... and youtube. So when he asked me to sit down and draw with him all other plans went out the window.

So, lesson 1: ALWAYS draw or make with your kids when they ask. Not only is it time spent together, it places importance on creativity. You are showing them that making is valuable. That's the whole point of these 'one little thing' exercises, to give value to the time, any time, spent creatively.

Lesson 2: I used terrible waxy crayons for this picture. Awful things placed in those kids kits of 1001 art supplies on sale for $5. I swear they are one step away from drawing with a candle.

It occurred to me that anyone looking for a way to focus on the process of making rather than end result might find using bad supplies helpful. It would give you permission to just have fun without the expectation of an exceptional result. I'm not saying that blaming tools is a wise (or honest) excuse for bad work... but it just might be helpful if you've forgotten how to scribble and just want a bit of fun ;)

P.S. You may have noticed I missed last weeks post. Yep. But that's ok! We all have hectic weeks we can't fit it all in... myself included.