Sunday, May 17, 2015

Before chores

Most Sundays are about chores around the Pixie house.

After I put the laundry on the line but before the floors and cleaning I went about the garden and took a few snaps. Everything is coming alive and the springtime greenery is starting to be dotted with colour :)

Inside a tulip in the Pixie Hill garden - Nichola Battilana

No wonder the dogs allergies are acting up. Check out all that pollen inside our tulips!

Bleeding Hearts in the Pixie Hill garden - Nichola Battilana

The white and pink 'bleeding hearts' are doing their dangly thing.

Lily of the Valley at Pixie Hill - Nichola Battilana

I'm sure the faeries had something to do with the Lily of the Valley popping up all at once.

Apple Blossoms in the Pixie Hill garden - Nichola Battilana

And those beautiful apple blossoms... *dreamy sigh* 

Apple Blossoms in the Pixie Hill garden - Nichola Battilana

Hope your Sunday chores get done... but that you take time to notice the nice things going on quietly around you too.


  1. Well, this is a wonderful post to stop and take in Nichola. . .

    The flowers are making their way here too. . . and I have taken to feeding a multitude of birds that are nesting around our place. Sparrows, Red Finches, Starlings, Flickers and the requisite dozen or so crows. The dismissive Raven, however, is just not interested in what I have to sell. lol

    The most wonderful feeling in the world is when I walk out the door first thing in the morning, look to the sparrow nest across the street and see the two of them fly out and dive down to the roof's edge just above my head. . . awaiting their morning stockpile. I've had to split the feeding into piles as the Starlings get quite noisy when they can't have their own pile of goodies and have to wait out the crows! And the crows. . . when a seagull manages to catch on to what is going on and barges in, they will gang up and actually pull the tail feathers of the gulls to scare them off! I realllly want to capture that on camera!

    I suspect, after all the fledglings arrive, I may have quite the army of fine feathered friends!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! Have I ever asked you what camera you use? I cannot believe the macro and crispness of your photos! Exquisite photography!! xo

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