Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pretty autumn tags for Petaloo

I love fall. Seriously smitten with it. The colours, the smells... don't even get me started on the tastes! Fall is just around the corner and I've created these cute autumnal themed tags to herald it's arrival.

Tags are pretty dang handy to have around as an alternative for a card or bow. While my husband would have no problem handing a hostess a bottle of wine in a crumpled paper bag... I think I'll opt for adding a pretty tag thank-you-very-much.

For these particular taggy beauties, I've used some Graphic 45 tags, November Flourish and November Cut Apart from Time to Flourish. They pair wonderfully with those sweet Petaloo burlap leaves:Fall Maple Leaf
To the larger tag I've added a Small Burlap Sunflower. The smaller tag has a DIY Burlap Blossom that has been tinted with a bit of watered down acrylic paint.

A little acorn cap, pairing so well with those burlap leaves and looking cute as a button :) And finally, I've added Burlap Trims as a tassel, unraveling them to add to the rustic look of these fellows.



  1. Very nice! My daughter and probably everyone else gets a pretty tag now instead of a card. I love tags! I am working on some Halloween tags for same daughter ( she looooves Halloween) and I am going to find a good little "tree" for her to hang them on as a seasonal decorative piece. These tags are great lots of inspiration :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. How do you keep your burlap from fraying? by the time I cut it with my die and get it on my project all I have left is strings :( These are so pretty and I love fall too!

    1. Those flowers/leaves are precut from Petaloo and stay together fairly well. If you're cutting your own try a little hairspray before cutting just to hold things in place and then a little dab of glue on the edges to stop further fraying.