Sunday, January 10, 2016

In the midst of chaos

I'm reorganizing my work space (again) to accommodate a huge paper file that the hubs refinished for me for Christmas. Isn't it glorious!? Each drawer can fit 6 12" pads *swoon*.

While cleaning and rearranging and organizing I uncovered supplies I forgot I had, a slew of unfinished projects and a couple of pieces that I never got around to sharing, including this gal...

In the middle of the chaos, a little bit of pretty.


  1. I love her and I am totally green over that awesome paper storage! Mr. Pixie is some Wonderful Guy !! I just cleaned up my work room and found things I didn't remember having and I can actually see the corners of the room and the middle of the floor. As far as the unfinished stuff yup they have been leering at me for awhile now lol!

  2. And btw have you seen the new Gypsy Vardo at Gina's ? I ordered one as soon as I saw it lol I will never have the people sized one I want but I can have this itty bitty one. It just arrived in the mail today :) :)

    1. Isn't it fab!? I have one, it's sitting assembled but unadorned on my side table. It's pretty great and a good size too.

  3. Green with envy over that fabulous paper cabinet! You lucky girl!

  4. I love the size and I am hoping to find tiny furniture to go inside! I have been hoping for something like this for awhile. I do have your paper caravan pattern and some yummy Sanctuary paper to play with too :)