Friday, January 29, 2016

Weathered Magic Potion Bottle for Tresors de Luxe

I've seen a lot of stunning altered bottles that have been embellished with bits of lace and wanted to give it a try myself.

My bottle is on the smaller side but I think it's perfectly sized as a sort of fairy tale potion bottle.

To embellish, I deconstructed three different laces from the January Blog Design Team Kit to fit just-so.

From this angle you can see the little flowers around the top of the bottle. They are from this Ivory Lace Trim. (They totally remind me of four leafed clovers so I would be sorely tempted to turn this into a bottle of good luck!) The pieces that drip down the sides are snipped from this White Lace Trim. Around the bottom I've wrapped a length deconstructed from this White Lace Trim.

I really wanted to create a weathered forest fairy-tale look so I brushed some tea onto the lace to give a bit of age. I pushed some wiry moss into the mouth of the bottle, then pushed the cork into place. To finish it off I've added a some ornate keys and Stamped Metal Brad. Ta da! Little magic potion bottle!

Supply round-up
Ivory Lace Trim BN-029
Small glass bottle


  1. absolutely magical and enchanting - I would love a whole apothecary of them! (Yes, I'm just that greedy).

  2. Wonderful. I shall try this as I believe I have everything but that particular moss......surely something else will work like green or brown eyelash trim. I may put a small amount of a custom mixed glitter inside. Oh now I'm excited. Thanks for sharing, Nichola.

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  4. Marvelous! I love little bottles!!!! Love the laces too and have checked the etsy out. Ooh la la! They have beautiful stuff