Friday, February 05, 2016

Woodsy Gypsy Wagon with Walk Through for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

This Gypsy Wagon

It was love at first sight. 

I swooned. I 'oohed' and 'ahhhed'. Finally, I could resist no longer and had my way with it!

Gypsy Wagon with walkthrough - Nichola Battilana

Isn't it darling?! AND I've got two videos to help you create this project. THIS ONE is me blabbing about how you shouldn't feel overwhelmed at all because it's pretty dang easy to put all those bits together. The second video is a walk though for decorating and embellishing this bad boy and can be found HERE.

Gypsy Wagon with walkthrough - Nichola Battilana

You absolutely 100% do not need to decorate the wagon as I have, but I hope the walk-through gives you a few ideas and a bit of inspiration. 

Gypsy Wagon with walkthrough - Nichola Battilana
There are other Gypsy Soul products that you might want to consider if you're making this piece. The 4 Panel Windows are a good fit for the side openings. And these Victorian Corners look amazing as decorative elements on the wagon. I've placed a Faux Metal Number Plate on the back... just because I'm smitten with them and use them at every opportunity.

Gypsy Wagon with walkthrough - Nichola Battilana

Now for my full-on gushing. There are plenty of opportunities for embellishment with this piece. You could go absolutely bonkers with fillagrees, frills and decorations. You could lose yourself in colour and trims. Really, this is one of those projects to pull out that 'something special' that you've been saving for just the right time. It's a crafty splurge.

Gypsy Wagon with walkthrough - Nichola Battilana

Don't forget the insides! Even with the roof fixed into place it's fun to peek through the windows and see what the little people have been up to. 

Now for the big fat supply list!

Gypsy Soul Products:
Gypsy Wagon
Victorian Corners
4 Panel Windows
Faux Metal Number Plates

Other supplies used:
Natural bark
Acrylic paint
Paper leaves and flower
Lace trim
1:24 Rectangular Table & 4 Chairs
Flower Soft - Sweet Pea
Narrow Gold Fleur Dresden Borders*
Mini Floral Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
9mm Antiqued Swirl Bead Cap*
7mm Flower Washers
Tim Holtz Long Mini Brads
10mm Clear Glass Marbles
Gypsy Fortune Teller #1 Collage Sheet
Tiny Curved Hinges