Friday, April 08, 2016

Fairies, Frocks and Godmothers Revisited

I was looking through some old projects and I realized I didn't post the second part to my Faires, Frocks and Godmothers post. That was almost a year ago (!), so I'm using the old adage 'better late than never', which seems to be my life motto at the moment.

To review: fairy godmothers are basically the flashy aunts of the fairy world. While most fair folk dress for comfort and function, they love to dress in over-the-top gowns and wear shoes that aren't in the least sensible.

You would be forgiven if you thought the above dress was worn by a fairy godmother with butterfly duties. No, Pebble Waterstone, the owner of this gown, has absolutely no affiliation to with those winged creatures. Pebble is actually in charge of wells, keeping them full, maintaining water quality. She has played havock with the pipes in my little town over the past year or so.

The final frock I have to share belongs to Beryl Eventide. She is an elusive Godmother who, unlike her peers, prefers solitude and only appears in those magical blue hued moments of twilight as day officially turns to night. If you find yourself pixie-led at dusk, she may lead you to safety. If she likes you.


To the creatures of Pixie Hill

If the door is too small, it's not meant for you! This is a bird house, not a squirrel bungalow. 

Thank you,
The Management


  1. They are beautiful Nichola! And squirrels are a pushy lot always elbowing in where they aren't wanted. Usually because of too many tankards of nut brown ale

    1. Me thinks I'll have to brew a tiny batch of nut brown ale!

  2. "But you see, old girl" the squirrels say, " the hole IS the right size now. . . it wasn't before, but it IS now. And surely that must mean it is quite right for us to enter and help ourselves to the goodies within?!"

    And Nichola. . .those little dresses are indeed the very essence of Magic. Well worth the year long wait (ok, I forgot about them too) to see them revealed. Just in time for the social season.

    1. That is EXACTLY what they'd say! To be fair the dog chases them and they do need a good hiding spot since we took down one of our big trees last year.

  3. LOL - you have some rather rude squatters. They did that to some beautiful birdhouses my husband made me for my stand of birches too - a little cottage and little church. We found out after the fact that if you use a large washer or cover the doorway with some kind of metal, it will stop the squirrels from chewing the hole out..

    Like these:,10719,67513&ap=1