Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Goblin stone infestation

I was in the garden this morning, day dreaming as you do, when I heard a rustle and tittering coming from the shrubbery. I pushed aside the lower branches and found this gang of hooligans hiding in the mulch.

We've always had goblins, but never this close to the house and never so open about their presence.

Because they are stones of the goblin variety I am concerned that they are up-to-no-good... but I suspect they are just really excited about this years open house and curious about tea-parties.

I do hope they behave.


  1. In my admittedly limited experience with Stone Goblins, I have found they are most concerned about the terribly unfounded rumors that people in our day and age still are apt to brew a big ol' kettle of stone soup! Who'd have known that one little storybook could leave such a lasting impression? I believe this is why it is so rare to see a grouping like that. . .no sense making it easy for the humans, as they say. But THIS group? Yes, definitely seem to have an inkling that some sort of festivities are drawing near. . . good news does travel, even among the stone-folk!

  2. very fun, what a good idea

  3. I love the way you live your life - you're an enchanted being, Nichola!

  4. They look mischieveous to me (sorry about misspell)

  5. Oh SWOON!! I love it when the Unseelie court peeks out occasionally from your work.
    You rock!!

  6. Oh dear! I hope they are not hungry :/