Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Cure for Monday Blahs

A very short while ago I posted about the Pixie Hill fairies writing to a kindergarten class who were learning about the little people. Yesterday I was delighted to discover some replies from the class.

One of the fairies who wrote to the class lamented about his lost button. It was a favourite button, so his distress was quite understandable. The class very thoughtfully sent replacement buttons.

There were some fine portraits too! Those wings and wands are practically perfect. There were also some very good pictures of jam. And if you're curious, it seems strawberry is the preferred jammy flavour.

I was quite the grump yesterday and it seemed as though the whole day was one disaster after another, but these papery bits of thoughtfulness totally brightened my day (as well as the Pixie Hill fairies!) and I'm certain they've brought a bit of luck with them too.

Thank you Mrs. Butcher and to all the children of your kindergarten class for curing the Monday blahs!

(& thanks to your helpers too!)


  1. This is so funny and sweet. I would like to do something like that for a small classroom full of littles. I am so glad they send some replacement buttons because I wouldn't like to think of the faeries trousers falling down.

    1. Maybe we need an organization that can pair class rooms and groups with people who know letter writing fairies. P.S. Trousers is one of my favourite words.

    2. Trousers and galoshes

  2. ohhh. . .this just made my heart soar! The buttons. . . yep, a tear is currently forming. . . how very special Nichola and how does fairy post know EXACTLY when to deliver such needed tidings?

    Thank you, thank you for sharing this delight!

  3. how fabulous!!! Such special treasures these are- love is all around us! xo