Friday, July 08, 2016

Padfoot, Poop and Good Neighbours

This is my dog, Padfoot. I love him. He's pretty great... most of the time.

Padfoot has this shtick where he thoroughly embarrasses me. While I chat to our lovely neighbours, he completely ignores the two pooable acres he calls his own, and makes a deposit on their greenery. It's horrifying. Mortifying!

Last week my poor neighbour was showing us the amazing work they had done in their back garden, and that stinker of a dog promptly squatted and did his business right there. I felt like giving him the
Cersei Lannister "shame! shame!" walk all the way back home.

A peace offering was in order.

"Sorry my dog pooped on your lawn" card w/ Raining Cats and Dogs from Graphic 45 - Nichola Battilana

"Raining Cats and Dogs" from Graphic 45 seemed like a pretty perfect choice. And on the inside....

"Sorry my dog pooped on your lawn" card w/ Raining Cats and Dogs from Graphic 45 - Nichola Battilana

I think we're still on good terms ;)

Graphic 45 - Raining Cats and Dogs Collection - Cats Meow
Graphic 45 - Raining Cats and Dogs Collection - Animal House
Graphic 45 - Raining Cats and Dogs Collection - 6 x 6 Patterns and Solids Paper Pad
3mm Brass Flat-Back Studs*
Gold Dresden Langette Borders*

1/8 Inch Black Satin Ribbon


  1. LOL! I'd be satisfied with your offering.

  2. I've had to create a few of those myself, over the years LOL. So far, everybody is still speaking to me (*and* Brando!)

    Your card is lovely!

  3. hahaahaaaaaa You make me laugh so much Nichola!!
    Love that card!!

  4. You dog can poop on my lawn anytime, mine do! lol Can you make something else with Raining C & D's papers? I have it and wanted to make a few mini albums for my guys, but my brain is not working for inspiration! Love the card and the peace offering. However, I am sure your neighbours are totally understanding.

    1. Yeah, our neighbours are swell. Love them all to bits :) I made this set a while ago with C & D

  5. Oh Padfoot. . . how do pets know? They must be in cahoots with several of the mischievous sprites at the Hill, don't you think? I can hear them whispering to Padfoot now. . . "Ohhh doggggggie, sweet dogggggie, that's quite enough fertilizer in the pasture. . . won't you help the neighbor's gardens grow!" :)

  6. What a wonderful idea and so funny!
    sandy xx

  7. Great card!!!! Love the images, and a great idea! Our old neighbours used to purposefully send their dog over to poop on our front lawn - but we were all good friends - and their dog was a chihuahua, so his poops were peanuts (let's ignore the fact he was evil and hated us...). I would threaten then to send my dog over to poop on their lawn - and his poops were about the entire size of their chihuahua.

  8. Love the story, Padfoot and the fabulous apology card!!!!