Friday, July 01, 2016

Under the Sea Matchbox Shrine

Some people have sea water in their blood. They love the sea like I love the moon. While those waters may not run quite so deeply for me, I appreciate the beauty of the barnacled. For Alpha Stamps this month I've made a matchbox shrine full of texture and unwater colours.

The base of this piece is a Tiny Matchbox Theatre. I do love theatres (and an underwater one would be amazing!) but instead chose to make mine into a sort of underwater pocket shrine.

Now about that texture! I've glued pieces of a 6x6 Gears Texture Sheet to the surface of the box and splashed and sploshed paint and gesso and whatever else was on hand. I also layered some Seashell Sequin Mix which give a sort of wonderful fish scale texture. The sentiment on the front is from Voyage Beneath the Sea - Steampunk Splash Scrapbook Paper which I've simply tinted to match the colour of my box. A Brass Patina Seahorse Charm* and Conch Shell Charms* then a dash of crusty glitter (because why not) and the front is complete.

Inside I've used an image from the Mermaid Garden #3 Collage Sheet. He was a sort of surprise... I wasn't thinking of this sort of interior at all... but he fit so well and seemed quite at home in his sparkly cove of Coral Chipboard.


  1. I love, love, love the moon at any phase. While my sister would prefer to be surrounded by candlelight while she bathes, I prefer to be bathed in moonlight. And there is something magical about the snow covered ground on a moonlit night with the tree shadows and glints of snow. Hope your faeries are being nice to your visitors.

  2. Totally wonderful and inspiring! I love the sea although i haven 't been there in years and I love the way you have tied your love of moonlight and sea into one charming and interesting piece

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    1. I love the Moon shining on the sea. I love your shrine!

  4. My soul is refreshed and spirit restored whenever I sit by the sea.