Saturday, August 20, 2016

A pretty great day.

Today was a pretty great day. 

Soccer finals and my kids team came in 4th or 5th. No idea really. 
He scored four goals and did his best. We're proud of that ding-a-ling.

My hubs tried not to laugh at my jokes. But I'm hysterical so he was helpless!

My friend came for a visit and was receptive to my ridiculous gift.

There was laughter before dinner even started.

And though we tackled some heavy topics,
we manged to smile even more into the night.

Hope you're smiling too.


  1. Hard not to smile when you share such a lovely and light-filled glimpse into the Queen of Pixie Hill's days. : ) May every day ahead be filled with such warmth, family and laughter. : )

  2. What...exactly...IS that gift!?!?

    1. It's a glitter... ahem... phallus... with flowers and frills. Long story.

    2. (Rather...ahem....long....well, you know... ;)
      No doubt deserving of a long story, over a tall cocktail lol

      Ok I'll stop now

  3. Thank you for sharing these times Nichola!!
    It really is lovely to see and learn of other sides of and I quote Nicholas Hall,
    "the Queen of Pixie Hill"
    So wonderful to see such family love and friendship! xo

  4. looks like you were having a delightful time! after seeing all the beautiful and enchanting things you create, now I've changed my mind and can say I hope I never receive a gift from you! :P But, you're having so much fun, I do hope you and your hubs make a trip to Connecticut one day so we can have a laughter-filled visit!

    1. I'm sure we'd have a lot of fun and I pinky swear to not bring a house gift ;)

  5. p.s. congrats on your son's soccer win - boo on the man-bun. LOL LOL

  6. Am so happy to see your great day!! Many many more, dear heart. And my vote is also YES on the man bun! You are all adorable, Pixie-Hillers! xoxoxoxo